The sunny state of Florida can lay claim to one of FMCA's first chapters, the Roll'n Rebels, which was chartered in July 1968. Many devades later, it's still a strong group that stays active by rallying at least once a month, from September to May.

Roll'n Rebels rallies have a fairly regular structure. Most rallies are held on weekends, officially starting on Friday night with a happy hour, which later is followed by a relaxing communal dinner. It is not uncommon for members to arrive on Thursday for an extra evening of togetherness.

Saturday is filled with games such as beanbag baseball, dominoes, bocce, or cards.  For most games, they usually form teams consisting of either couples or women versus men. After a day of friendly competition, chapter members enjoy formal entertainment, or they have a special themed evening.

On Sunday the rally wraps up with a continental breakfast and farewells until next time.

An important avenue for involvement includes volunteering, which, is an essential part of rallies.

Volunteering is a very important part of the aspect of motorhoming, and the Roll'n Rebels are no strangers to volunteering, as many members volunteer at chapter and area rallies, and at FMCA's international conventions. The chapter currently has 44 member families.

As many FMCA members know, fellow chapter members can quickly become close friends, because they share common interests in their RVing lifestyles.

The Roll'n Rebels chapter is open to any FMCA member who can make it to the rallies, which are held within central Florida, the chapter's scope.

This chapter welcomes new members, and is open to their different ideas as well. The membership believes that new people with new ideas are key to a successful chapter,  Dues are $10, and members receive a chapter newsletter monthly before each rally.

For more information about the Roll'n Rebels, contact FMCA's Chapter Services Department at (800) 543-3622.




















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